Monday, January 16, 2012

No one knows, no one cares, ok?

I've been feeling like shit. I don't know, it's just that it feels like I'm the only one who has problems, and crying by myself doesn't help. I feel stupid and pathetic, jut talking about him made me cry so much. I didn't exactly cry, right after I talked about him, I cried after realizing that I was being a loser. I bet I don't even cross his mind, not even once. So why am I all over him when he can't even spend one second of his life thinking bout me. So I'm being this happy and all cheery person on twitter, I was crying like a maniac, feeling so empty inside yet, when posting something to someone, I actually put a smiley at the end of my sentences. It's easier this way, questions can be avoided, and you don't hve to explain yourself to anyone. Why am I living life like this? I have someone whos willing to take me, as broken as I am, and yet I walked away from those opportunities just like that. Because I'm not Over you. Because I still wanna wait for you like an idiot.
I fucking have to read those effing thing for undang test tomorrow. Kbye.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yes kiss me now!

Life has been a stuck up bitch, and i don't like this. I'm texting him, and I'm saying all the wrong things. I wanted to say, I miss you, and I want you. All that I can think about was you, east or west, night or day, when I'm cranky or happy, when I'm sad or moody, it's always you on mind. My heart is filled with you, and only you. Love is painful, I agree. I feel like dying, as it hurts too much. I hate how much I love you so (: that's why I need you, and why am I being so emo? Urgh -.-

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I think my blog is...lame. Haha, wonder how many people gag after reading my entries.Hmm, so SPM SPM SPM. I know, writing,thinking,typing the huge word is a depression and I am very depressed. I haven't achieve any goals in life and my existence is for nothing. Have you ever thought of things like that? I guess not, since your results are waaay better than mine. I've been failing a lot of subjects and it may be because of lack of practice. I guess sleeping the whole day is not relaxing. Fine, I'll be a better person from now and I will definitely score my Physics : D That's hilarious, since, you know I've never even pass the fucking paper. Oh well, I guess nothing is fucking impossible and impossible, it's nothing babeyh ( ; GoodfuckingNight. This post is for students, only 18 and below, BUT 13 and above! MUAHAHAHAHA : D Bye.